Getting Started

11 things to do to help you get started with Sqwid

  1. First, log in to your Sqwid account.

  2. Connect to Twitter and Facebook to both your user account and to your business account. If you use the same Twitter account for personal use and business use, you will only be able to link it to one or the other.

  3. In your business settings in Connected Accounts make sure to choose the appropriate Facebook page you want to manage.

  4. Fill out as much of your business profile as you can, including choosing your default activity view.

  5. Go to your user settings and make your business your default account so when you sign into Sqwid you don’t have to navigate to your Business view.

  6. Upload an avatar image to your business profile. This helps you keep your brand forward in Sqwid. You may also choose to upload a banner image at this time, though the banner image is not currently visible to Customer users of Sqwid. We will be making it visible soon though.

  7. Review your Twitter activity. This view automatically pulls tweets based on your Twitter user account name. If you don’t see any Tweets, try doing a search, or choosing from one of your saved searches in the search drop down menu.

  8. Review your Facebook activity. If you don’t see any activity, get on Facebook and start posting! It’s the only way to get your customers interacting with you there.

  9. Create a Personal Reward and assign it to your email address so you can see how it works. Create another and assign it to your Twitter account.

  10. Create a Story and post a comment on it.

  11. Invite other members of your business to help you manage the account. Go to your Business Settings and click on Managers to use this functionality.

The Basics

  • Personal Rewards are used to acknowledge individual customers for their business or to fix bad experiences. Personal Rewards can be assigned to a Twitter user, a Facebook user (if you created the Reward from a Facebook post), or an email address.

  • A Group Reward is a Reward businesses offer to a limited number of customers and/or for a limited time period. Use Group Rewards to Reward customers for loyalty or to drive business in slower periods of time. They can be sent automatically via Twitter, by posting them on your business’ Facebook page, or however you like, using the short URL provided.

  • Reward Templates allow businesses to re-use frequent Rewards, eliminating the need to re-type details every time. Create Templates from existing Rewards or click the “New Template” button. Duplicate Templates to create similar Templates, editing as needed.

  • Stories in Sqwid hold everything together. A Story contains information about a Reward and comments from you and your other business profile managers. You can also upload files and share links.

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