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Sqwid is a Rewards & Hospitality application that integrates with your social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Yelp. Businesses monitor customer feedback and mentions, then send Rewards to loyal customers & potential customers. Customers redeem the Rewards at their favorite businesses. Everybody wins!

What is it?

Sqwid is the first Social Business platform for Hospitality and Retail, allowing businesses to Monitor what their customers say about them, Engage & Reward them for loyalty with Personal Rewards, drive business with Social Rewards and fix those negative experiences by inviting customers back in with a personal reward.

Who is it for?

Sqwid is for Businesses that love their Customers, and the Customers who love them back. What your Customers say about your business is vital to your success and their opinion spreads quicker than ever. Let them know you care by Engaging and Rewarding them on Sqwid.

Why use it?

Your customers are talking about your business, and it’s time to listen. Rarely do they send a comment card or talk to you in your business. Rather, they go straight to their social networks. Listen where they live! Engage & Reward your loyal customers, and turn negative experiences into positive ones.


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